Unsolved Mysteries

 Description You can think of this theme in a number of ways. One way to interpret this theme is through unsolved criminal or legal cases, like you would see on the original hit show (Google it!). There are hundreds of online communities dedicated to trying to solve these kinds of baffling mysteries, along with countless television shows and documentaries. You can also interpret this topic more metaphorically, as in questions that are unanswered. An example here might be, “Why are there so many homeless veterans in the United States?”. Yet another way to interpret this theme is to think about unsolved scientific (or pseudoscientific) mysteries, such as “Is bigfoot real?”You could also think about enduring cultural or historical mysteries, such as “What happened to Amelia Earhart?” Assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to craft a short argument using either Rogerian or Toulmin structure. In order to complete this assignment, you must complete the assigned readings on Rogerian and Toulmin structure. You should use any examples, templates, and notes provided to you in order to construct your Rogerian or Toulmin argument on the topic of your choice related to an “Unsolved Mystery.” Your paper is short (750 words), so you want to make sure that you consider how to address the most important information in your assignment. You should use a minimum of three resources (articles, websites, books, films, television series, maps, charts, graphs, expert testimony, interviews, polls, surveys, etc.) that are most appropriate for the type of argument you are making and the topic. *Your audience for this assignment is an interdisciplinary audience of college students, scholars, and inquisitive adults (the kind who watch PBS). The genre for this assignment is an argumentative essay.* ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA: The writer has a clearly defined purpose and argument demonstrated with a strong thesis statement. The writer illustrates the significance or importance of his or her topic. The writer follows either Rogerian or Toulmin structure and methods. The writer has a clear conclusion that acts as a summation (not summary!) of the essay. The writer engages responsibly and appropriately with research that he or she uses as specific evidence and examples. The writer’s evidence supports his or her argument directly. The writer cites three resources effectively using summary, paraphrase, and/or direct quotation. The writer’s short paper is succinct and tightly composed. The writer meets standards of clarity, accuracy, logic, significance, fairness, precision, and relevance. The writer uses appropriate spelling, grammar, and mechanics. The paper is in MLA format, including for the Works Cited page and overall document design. The paper is approximately 700-850 words (3-4 double-spaced pages).

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