Reflection Assignment on Refugee Movie In this assignment, you will be looking back at the classes you have had so far and reflect on ways in which you see cultural diversity impacting nursing practic Nursing Assignment Help

Reflection Assignment on Refugee Movie

In this assignment, you will be looking back at the classes you have had so far and reflect on ways in which you see cultural diversity impacting nursing practice. You will also complete this assignment by watching the movie “The Good Lie”.

Please complete this assignment with use of the template that was given to you. You need to include proper use of APA, correct grammar and punctuation, along with any references if you used any to complete this assignment. Some questions to consider include the following:

1. In what ways do you expect to be impacted by cultural diversity in your future practice as a Registered Nurse? (include how this impacts you as a nurse in a specific location you expect to work)

2. What did you learn about refugee health nursing issues that you did not know before?

3. Name two key points you learned from the class and/or the text that helped you understand how best to work with individuals of other cultures as a nurse?

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As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance, it is essential to design assignments that provoke critical thinking and reflection. In this particular assignment, students will have the opportunity to reflect on the impact of cultural diversity on nursing practice, while also watching the movie “The Good Lie.” The assignment requires students to demonstrate correct use of APA, grammar, punctuation, and references. This reflection assignment aims to encourage students to consider the role of cultural diversity in their future practice as a Registered Nurse, enhance their understanding of refugee health nursing issues, and identify key points from the class and/or text that guide their approach to working with individuals of other cultures as nurses.

Answer 1:
In my future practice as a Registered Nurse, I fully expect to be profoundly impacted by cultural diversity. Nursing is a profession that involves caring for individuals from various cultural backgrounds, and understanding and respecting their unique values, beliefs, and practices is crucial. As a nurse working in a specific location, such as a multicultural city or a region with a significant immigrant population, cultural diversity will play an even more significant role.

Cultural diversity will influence my future practice by necessitating the development of cultural competence. This means that I will need to continuously educate myself about different cultures, their healthcare practices, and their perception of illness. Being aware of cultural nuances and the impact of cultural beliefs on health-seeking behaviors will enable me to provide competent and holistic care to patients. Additionally, cultural diversity will require me to adapt my communication and care delivery approaches to meet the needs of diverse individuals, ensuring effective and respectful patient-nurse interactions.

Answer 2:
Watching the movie “The Good Lie” provided me with valuable insights into refugee health nursing issues that I was not previously aware of. It highlighted the unique challenges faced by refugees in accessing healthcare, including language barriers, cultural differences, and trauma. I learned that refugees often have limited knowledge about the healthcare system in their host country and may face difficulties navigating it. This newfound understanding emphasized the need for healthcare professionals to be sensitive to the experiences and needs of refugees, ensuring they receive appropriate care and support.

Moreover, the movie shed light on the concept of cultural humility in nursing. It emphasized the importance of recognizing and acknowledging our own cultural biases and limitations, while actively seeking to learn from our patients’ diverse perspectives and experiences. This awareness will enable nurses to provide patient-centered care that is culturally sensitive and respectful, ultimately enhancing the overall healthcare experience for refugees and other culturally diverse populations.

Answer 3:
Two key points from the class and/or text have greatly influenced my understanding of how best to work with individuals of other cultures as a nurse. Firstly, the importance of cultural competence has been emphasized throughout the course. Understanding that cultural competence involves not only knowledge but also developing awareness, attitudes, and skills to effectively interact with diverse individuals has been enlightening. To provide the best care possible, it is essential for me to continually educate myself about various cultures, engage in self-reflection, and remain open-minded and empathetic.

Secondly, the significance of effective cross-cultural communication has been highlighted. Recognizing that communication is not only about verbal exchange but also non-verbal cues, language barriers, and the need for interpreters has helped me understand the intricacies involved in communicating with individuals from different cultures. Active listening, clarifying misunderstandings, and using culturally appropriate communication techniques are essential in establishing rapport, building trust, and ensuring accurate information exchange. Such skills will enable me to collaborate effectively with diverse patients, their families, and interdisciplinary healthcare teams.

This reflection assignment encourages students to consider the impact of cultural diversity on nursing practice, specifically in the context of refugee health nursing. By reflecting on their future role as Registered Nurses, the insights gained from watching the movie “The Good Lie,” and the key points learned from the class and/or text, students will deepen their understanding of the importance of cultural competence, cross-cultural communication, and cultural humility in providing quality care to diverse populations.

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