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Main Topic: “Malnutrition associated with specific health conditions”.

There are 2 articles already provided which are located beneath the main topic chosen under “Article review”. Please choose 1 article to review in which this article will cover the Introduction and Key points of the paper.

The topic question that I choose to relate to the main topic is “What specific health conditions increase the risk of malnutrition?” This is tied in the introduction and key points. Therefore, the article that you choose to review will be used as reference to write the introduction and key points of the paper.

This is one set of the instructions for the assignment. The second portion is as follows and will be used to address the other topics in the paper that I will provide a APA format template that will provide instructions on the format of the assignment to write this paper.

The part that address “Article Search” you will have to search for a scholarly article 5 years or less that relates to the article provided in which you again will choose between 2 and you will address the following: Talk about how you found the credible resource that aligns with the introduction and key points of the topic chosen which is “Malnutrition associated with specific health conditions”. “What database did you use’? “What search terms did you use’? and how many articles did you locate. I would suggest databases CINAHL and Google Scholars database. But if you know any other medical scholarly databases please use them.

In the section of Article Findings It will ask a question that needs to covered “Type of research conducted” you will have to read the article but some examples might be: cross-sectional study, quantitative method, qualitative method, etc.The template that I will provide will again cover all the necessary topics needed to complete the assignment and write this paper. The article chosen between the 2 under the Main topic will be used for the introduction and key points.

The second article that you will choose 5 years or less will be used to complete the rest of assignment.

The instructions will be provided the rubric is on the last page.

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The topic of this paper is “Malnutrition associated with specific health conditions.” The paper will cover an article review, an article search, and article findings related to the main topic. The chosen article for review will be used to write the introduction and key points of the paper, while a second article will be used to complete the rest of the assignment. The aim is to explore the relationship between malnutrition and specific health conditions, and to analyze the findings of relevant scholarly articles. The paper will follow the APA format and include a comprehensive analysis of the chosen articles.

Answer to content:
To address the main topic of “Malnutrition associated with specific health conditions,” it is essential to review an article that provides an in-depth understanding of this relationship. The chosen article for review will serve as the foundation for the introduction and key points of the paper. By thoroughly analyzing this article, we can examine the factors that contribute to malnutrition in individuals with specific health conditions.

For the article search, it is important to find a recent scholarly article, preferably within the last five years, that aligns with the introduction and key points of the chosen topic. To ensure credibility, I recommend searching in databases such as CINAHL and Google Scholar, which are widely recognized for their medical scholarly resources. Using appropriate search terms related to malnutrition and specific health conditions, I will locate articles that provide valuable insights.

In the article findings section, the specific type of research conducted in the chosen scholarly article needs to be discussed. Examples of research methods could include cross-sectional studies, quantitative methods, or qualitative methods. By thoroughly evaluating the research design employed in the article, we can assess the reliability and validity of the findings.

Overall, this paper aims to explore the topic of malnutrition associated with specific health conditions by critically reviewing relevant articles, conducting an article search, and analyzing the findings. The chosen articles will provide valuable insights and contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between malnutrition and specific health conditions. Following the guidelines of the provided APA format template, this paper will provide a well-structured and insightful analysis.

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