Infrastructure and Technology Upgrade Plan You are the Director at

Infrastructure and Technology Upgrade Plan

You are the Director at a public health facility in a remote town and have been awarded a S1.5 million-dollar grant to update the infrastructure at your facility. This will include upgrades to the technology to be able to provide services to a higher percentage of the population.

Address the following requirements:

Discuss in a strategic plan of action the steps and measures you will take to achieve this outcome. 

Further, discuss in detail, the technology and tools that you would integrate into the planning infrastructure and the intended uses and benefits of these tools and technology. 

Be sure to discuss the individuals responsible for implementing and overseeing each step of the process. 

 should meet the following requirements:

Four-to-five pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.

Formatted per APA 7th edition and Saudi Electronic University standards.

Provide support for your work with in-text citations from a minimum of six scholarly articles. 

Provide full APA references for the sources used on a reference page, along with appropriate in-text citations.

Utilize headings to organize the content in your work. 

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