Assuming yourself to be the head of European operations in this

You need to answer the following 4 questions by making full use of all the materials available on books, papers, newspapers, internet, etc. The word limit for each question is 500 words (± 10%) which mean that your total word limit is 2000 words (± 10%) for this assignment. Please provide the word count per question on the script. 


Q1. You have been promoted to HR Director in the company which manufactures and sells the newly developed electric car. Being very hi-tech, the equipment have until now been manufactured in Frankfurt in Germany by the company’s skilled team. Your employer has just purchased a factory in Brazil for the manufacture of electric car that have been selling really well in the USA. There is a budget for three expatriate managers to be sent to Brazil for four years. The CEO has asked you to nominate the job title for three expatriates and to justify your selections. (500 words)


Q2. A multi-national company headquartered in Shanghai, China is a relatively new entrant to personal computer industry. The CEO of this company now plans to build a new manufacturing factory to produce a newly developed personal computer after years of R&D efforts. Assuming yourself to be the head of European operations in this company, justify your decision on where to locate the factory. Please note that the potential candidates for the location are the Germany, France, and Portugal. You also bear in mind that your target market is the European Union only. The choice of location should be fully supported by comparative analyses between the candidates. (500 words)

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