A description of your theory and interpretive description of what art

A description of your theory and interpretive description of what art is and what it is not. This essay will include at least two proximal “cases” of art and non-art with close analysis to support your definition, and other examples to deepen the reader’s understanding of your definition. You may cite from outside sources or class readings to help develop your definition, but the definition must be unique and creative, as well as clearly and thoroughly supported.

The definition essay is 4-5 pages (not including Works Cited page), double spaced,using MLA format. So this essay is basicly seperated by two parts. The first part is to state your defination, and the second part is that find two goods, one you think it is art and one is not, use the defination you write to support your idea why you think it is art or not . The goods can be images, exhibits in museum, and anything you want to write. You need to use the materials I provide to support the defination and don’t forget to cite the article.

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